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Coming out from nowhere, instrumental guitarist Klaus Passegger from Austria is here with his debut album. At the age of 14 he began to take lessons for classical and acoustic guitar, but that was never enough for him, so at the age of 16 he started to take lessons for electric guitar, where he found his true passion. His early influences were many guitar heroes, but he was always on the way to find his own style.

Klaus is working together with many artists worldwide.

Riffin´ Around

Klaus Passegger´s guitar playing is both technical and soulful. He has been described as an electrifying solo guitarist and composer. End of 2017 Klaus released his debut instrumental album "Reconnected", a collection of 10 original tracks that are guided by tons of guitar solos, deep melodies and undeniable grooves. The album explores many different genres and moods.

The Album


  • Description

    10 instrumental tracks will guide the listener into a special world of sounds, moods and styles. Light tracks like "Then Came Brightness" or "High Hopes" and heavy tracks like "The Heavy March Through Darkland" will garantuee a magnificent listening pleasure combined with exqusite guitar techniques.

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    Klaus Passegger is available for recordings and interviews upon request. If you are interested, please use the contact form.

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